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Generational Treasures

How would you like to be able to show your children, great grandchildren, and even their great grandchildren what your mother, father, or great grandparents were like? Is it possible to meet people 3, 4 or even 10 generations apart? The answer is YES!

This is what Digital Fire Studios Generational Treasures is all about. We make it possible for people in your family to share in the memories of people who have lived long ago and in a time far removed from today.

With this service, we meet at an agreed upon place of interest and setup our mobile professional studio to interview your family member and discuss with them all aspects of events in their lives. With the help of another family member, we ask those probing questions about the state of the world in another time and in other places. Often, we obtain information that can only be known from their perspective of events and that are not recorded anywhere but in their memories, such as life experiences and events that happened that shaped them into the person that they are today.

Interview Process Sampler and Options

Such memories are priceless and can only be achieved with a professional approach to inquiry. We have developed a method by which you can find out so much more about your family than may have been possible. We provide the questions that you may not have thought about or were simply curious. If you’ve been thinking about tracking your genealogy, we help you get the information that will make it easier to identify those ancestors that were difficult to trace.

What better gift for any grandparent than a video that artistically combines interviews with old VHS family films and snapshots to create a stroll down memory lane. With this service, exclusively offered by Digital Fire Studios, you will have a priceless treasure that will last for generations and is more valuable than gold.

We deliver your custom interview on DVD or Blu-Ray discs which, with proper care, will last many, many years! No fading images, snow on the screen or lost moments because of age. We also give you personal-use reproduction rights so you can make copies to pass on to friends and other members of your family.

Check out our Generational Treasures Portolio for samples of openings and clips of some of our work. Contact Digital Fire Studios now to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity!