General Services

Below is a general list of our services. It is not a complete list of everything we can do but should give you an idea of areas in which we specialize or have interest. From the Services Link, you can choose one of our signature services that we provide to get more detail. Pricing varies by the job so please don’t hesitate to contact us for questions or a quote which is always free.





Still Photography

Digital Fire Studios offers standard photography services using high-end digital cameras for still photography. Whether for family portraits, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, sports or other special events, we can deliver stunning photos that will capture the special character of any event. Pricing is competitive and dependent on the event type and time required.


Parents, grandparents or those nice neighbors next door getting ready for an anniversary celebration? Combine their wedding photos and family snapshots with interviews to make an anniversary video to show at the party.

Family History (Generational Treasures™)

Our Signature Product! What better gift for any grandparent than a video that artistically combines interviews with old VHS family films and snapshots to create a stroll down memory lane. Have family members pool their resources to underwrite a gift that everyone can enjoy watching again and again.


Elementary, High School and College graduation ceremonies are naturals for videos that can be provided to proud parents and families. But we don’t stop there. How about trade schools, training academies and technical schools? Wherever people celebrate human accomplishment, a video marking the special occasion can be a worthwhile investment and Digital Fire Studios will make your graduate the star of the event.

Insurance Inventories

Anyone who’s ever been the victim of a fire or a burglary knows that having an up-to-date inventory of valuable possessions is critical. Video is the perfect solution. Digital Fire Studios provides certified video renditions of your valued possessions. This is not just a video tour around your house but one that comprehensively documents the unique nature and value of your possessions. We also provide tips on how to supplement your video with proper documentation for insurance purposes and how to store your documentation in a place that will survive any future catastrophe.

Video Wills

A video of your Will expressing your desires after your gone is a great way to ensure that what is expressed on the paper document is what happens when it is read. In fact, reading the Will yourself gives you an opportunity to clearly explain, if you wish, what drove your decisions. It also makes it much more difficult for it to be disputed by an unhappy family member. We supply these videos in certified format so that the court can know that what’s in the video is true to its content. This is not a replacement to a standard Will but a supplement and may be worthwhile regardless of the size of your estate.

Plays, Recitals and Musical Performances

After weddings, these kinds of public events, particularly when they involve kids are probably the most videotaped events in our society. Even if many proud parents are carrying their own camcorders, there’s always opportunity for a better quality video made by a skilled videographer. Digital Fire Studios works with event coordinators to capture these events in stellar form making your video better than everyone elses.



In large cities, professional videographers make a living videotaping depositions. But legal disputes also take place in smaller communities where the services of a more modest, local videographer budget might be appropriate. Digital Fire Studios can work with legal teams to establish time and place of depositions or testimony that requires a neutral authority to record the event. We operate with the highest integrity and know how to keep our mouths closed as well.

Historical Records

Every community has buildings and landmarks of historical significance. We dig back into the records and use photos and live video to bring history to life. Digital Fire Studios offers documentary-style services to civic groups, city planners, town councils and local businesses.

Memorials and Tributes

What more fitting tribute is there than a lovingly crafted video celebrating a well-lived life? Memorial videos are also valuable for group gatherings, such as high school reunions, as a way of honoring members who have passed on since the previous gatherings. We offer this unique service to fraternal clubs, military organizations, and mortuaries that offer or would like to offer this service.

Neighborhood Activism / Environmental Issues

Video is a powerful way to explain and inform local residents about issues that affect them. If you have a community issue that must receive recognition and would like to present your case in a professional manner, find people that share your point of view and hire our services to produce an advocacy video that can potentially make your local community a better place to live.

Open-Houses / Real Estate

Have you ever looked at the pictures of Real Estate for sale. They’re usually pretty bad or there’s not enough of them to get a prospect to call. They see the price and look at the inadequate pictures and on to the next listing. Video and proper photography of a property can make all the difference in obtaining real estate prospects. One benefit of working with such a high-ticket market is that diverting even a tiny fraction of the sales price into the production of a marketing video can mean a nice payday for the agent and a nice home for the prospect. Digital Fire Studios offers video and picture tours as a way to make seeing a property online the next best thing to being there.

Safety Tips

If you’ve flown on an airliner recently, you may have noticed that they now use video to convey safety information to passengers. Schools, retirement homes and businesses all need to instruct people for safety. Digital Fire Studios can setup a remote professional studio at your location to record safety videos at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. We help you through the entire process to ensure you meet all safety regulations of communication. A safety video can save your staff time and maybe even save a life.


At the top end of the training video pyramid are professionals who produce high-dollar training videos. These productions costs upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce but Digital Fire Studios brings down the costs by working smarter. We primarily work with smaller firms producing videos that help employees or students learn a skill or do a better job. We do this by changing the dynamic of learning from ‘long and boring’ to ‘short and interesting’ videos that help students or employees retain more of the content. This also reduces the editing requirement and makes the content more manageable. There’s a lot more to the process but it ultimately saves time, costs, and provides the greater benefit of retention to your constituency.

University Tours

With the reduction of state help, universities are struggling to find ways of making their campus and curriculum more attractive to prospective students. Digital Fire Studios offers professional quality video tours of the campus that can be made available to prospective students and their parents. We produce a quality DVD that will make the student feel as if they were there and gain a better appreciation for what the school has to offer. These tours can be as simple or as detailed as desired and we help you script and choreograph precisely the information you want to communicate.


High schools, elementary and middle schools have long produced print yearbooks. In today’s world of video cameras on every phone, and students with the ability to capture special moments throughout the school year, Digital Fire Studios can take submissions of these low-quality pictures and videos, enhance them, and produce a supplement to the yearbook that brings the print version to life. Coordination and approval by school staff is required and the end result is a custom DVD rich with content.

Park & Museum Tours

Park and museum tours are about creating a video that can be distributed to the community for advertising purposes and provided to people who for physical reasons could not otherwise attend. A video tour of a park or museum is like a mini-documentary and can be of interest to everyone. Digital Fire Studios can work with city authorities to produce a video that gives character and personality to a park or provides a first-person tour of a museum as though the viewer is actually there.

Any Special Event

Digital Fire Studios offers video production services for nearly any special event. Contact us for any questions or suggestions for a video production that would be uniquely yours.