Generational Treasures

Generational Treasures is about creating a professional quality interview of the people in your family to share their memories down the geneological line.

Below are some sample openings/introductions from our Premium collection. They are all less than 1.5 minutes long which is about right under most circumstances. These openings are available at no additional charge for customers subscribing to this service. You give us your pictures in digital form i.e. on a disk or by email and any other content to include such as music or narration, and we incorporate them into the video after we conclude filming the interview. If you wish to have more or less pictures than what is offered, we can work with you but keep in mind that these are just introductions so you don’t want them to be too long.

In each case, if you prefer music over narration, we can score the introduction and endings for an additional charge, or you can provide us with the music that you prefer. We require that all music be original or that you show proof of licensing to use it. We do have many pre-licensed instrumental music beds if you want to use something in our library.


Interview Process Sampler and Options

“Old Book” Opening

“Days Gone By” Opening

“Film Projector” Opening