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Digital Fire Studios, LLC. is headquartered near Harrisburg, PA. and is a photography, videography, and internet media business. The business started in still photography back in the days when medium and large format film cameras where common among professional photographers. Later when the time was right, we grew into digital photography specializing in portraiture and event photography. Through it all, people have come and gone, technology has continued to change and the market of photographers grew (whether professional or not).

Through the years we’ve seen many of our colleagues, friends, and family move on either in life or death and realized the only thing we had of them was their memories, or more accurately, our memories of them. We also discovered that with the available choices of technology, there is no reason why the memories of friends and loved ones should not be archived in some physical way, something more than a still picture. This led into a discussion of what is most important in life and other conversations around the changes in the world in which we live. It seemed that still photographs simply were not enough anymore and we had to make a better difference.

After much thought, research, contemplation and deliberation, Digital Fire Studios was born with a few key concepts in mind of what we wanted to be as a company. We are a small and nimble company with plenty of creative and talented folks in our stable to help get the job done. Our desire is to bring big value to the communities in which we serve. As timing and market conditions demand, we will grow to expand into neighboring cities, states, and beyond with the intent of offering unique services that cannot easily be reproduced. We are a premier, high-end video and film production company with resources for virtually any production! Our staff consists of a number of people specialized in delivering our services. We have camera professionals, lighting professionals, audio professionals and a number of partners and others who support our business. If you’re looking for a company that can produce your video, whether for personal or commercial use, give us a call or email us with the details of your project requirements!

One of our signature products is Generational Treasures which allows you to get a personalized, highly professional production of a loved one who has a life full of experiences that they wish to share with family and close-friends. This service was born out of the fact that we’ve all lost someone we loved and who had many interesting stories to tell. Those stories are what we capture and more.

“Share Your Moment” Broadcasts gives you, the individual, average, everyday consumer, the chance to express yourself on big media such as your local TV station. How many times have you heard something, seen something, or simply felt passionate enough to want to say something so loud that you wanted everyone to hear you. Well, here’s your chance.

Our Memorialization Services provides a way to ‘complete the memory’ in a manner of speaking by offering a suite of services designed to let you manage the legacy you leave.

We are embarking into the world of commercial advertising to see where we can add some value to businesses within the community. While we’ll tell you upfront that we are not an advertising agency, we do have the ability to do what we feel is good work at affordable rates and we’ll gladly work with your primary advertising agency.

Of course, there’s much more that we do and we hope you find us worthy of consideration for any video job that comes to mind.