Digital Fire Studios offers video production services for consumer and commercial purposes. We have several consumer services that will give you the opportunity to express yourself or create a memorable archive for the ages. We also provide limited advertising services for commercial purposes. Our company is capable of providing visual effects, animation and pre-visualization for features, television, music videos and live events. Our services allow you the best opportunity to express yourself on various media such as radio, television, and the Internet where you can present a product, service, or even a personal point of view to your community at large and in a unique way.


General Services

Below is a general list of our services. It is not a complete list of everything we can…

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Digital Fire Studios offers still photography along with our broadcast quality video productions. In fact, our business got…

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“Share Your Moment”

This service allows you the opportunity to be on TV. We record a brief segment of content with…

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Generational Treasures

Generational Treasures is about creating a professional quality interview of the people in your family to share their…

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Generational Treasures is about creating a professional quality interview of the people in your family to share their memories down the geneological line.

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This service allows you the opportunity to be on TV. We record a brief segment of content with you as the star and through relationships with local television stations, broadcast your segment to the community at large.

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A suite of three services designed to ensure that you will NEVER be forgotten. Living Legacy, Video Wills and Funeral Service Video will give you the chance to leave your legacy the way you want it.

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Our services are designed to operate on a highly personalized level. We discuss with you the details of your video production including all thematic elements such as script, storyboard, animation requirements, etc. and shoot it with professional quality equipment. We use professional lighting, audio, and high-end post-production tools to ensure the final product looks more like something from an expensive ad firm and doesn’t look like something from a consumer-based, amateur camcorder. We deliver your production on your choice of media and we include reproduction rights so you can make as many copies as you want for non-commercial purposes.


Digital Fire Studios core services are priced well below market value for what we do. This is because we really want to bring value to the community. For all jobs, we will provide you accurate quotes for our video production services. We price our products competitively and let you know up front the costs and variances. For most services we can provide a fixed price but others will require pricing on a time, footage, or post-production based schedule depending on complexity. We provide all this to you up-front so you know how to budget for your project and we do our best to deliver on-time.


We are always exercising our creative minds to come up with new and interesting ideas. We also would like to hear some of yours. Our Special Projects is our effort towards creating something new in video productions. We look for scripts for localized movie productions illustrating a specific concept, point or idea. We come up with ideas for short-movies that utilize that location exclusively. We attempt to tap local talent for castings, even if there’s no professional acting experience, and we attempt to keep the production as simple as possible. We welcome collaboration with local colleges and universities to put together a production that makes the community proud.